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Aug 30 2012

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Focal Length:5.7mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Date: August 30, 2012

By: rose marie

Today’s photograph is the sprucing stage of the Artichoke. The edible stage has past and now the next phase commences and another initiation episode has emerged.

What is so surprising about this, is the contrast in the colors. At the same time that is why it is so enchanting.

When a fruit/vegetable, the artichoke is a drab grey, which will turn greenish when being cooked. But if you let it be, and you leave time and nature do ‘their thing’ then all of a sudden you are being blessed with this magnificent almost luminescent purple….

With the exquisite sensors surfacing from the petalled inner layer of the fruit all of these heavenly fingers are checking out where to go next to have the utmost potential for a ‘re-birth’.

Such a wonderful process to be part of and to study.

Miracles are just around the corner (just like artichokes…!). You only need to stop and spend some time to see them for what they are…

Personally this is another sign that we are surrounded by the most magnificent expressions of nature but are to pressed in time to see, or to stressed out to notice. Slow travel and slow eating are THE thing  now. Next might just simply be slow living or slow being. I’ll go for that.


One comment on “Transition”

  1. Cool! I learned something new in such a cool way 🙂

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