Summer heat

By: houseoftherose

Aug 10 2012

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fontaine des amours

August 10, 2012

by: rose marie

Last year this photo was taken on the very same day: August 10 and just like that day, today is one of those summer days where the heat might be a bit overwhelming. In scorching temperatures of around 40 degrees Celsius it is wise to keep a low profile and to stay indoors, happy that the thick stone walls make sure that the indoor space remains cool.

The dog is stretched out on the tiles maintaining her body temperature and all motion is reduced to the absolute minimum. This is a day to get in touch with your personal heat and your capability to stay cool under hot and pressurized moments, looking for the cool place in your mind where the emotions stop running around making things frizzle and fry.

Being in the place within where you can ground and the earth can take back the superfluous energy and turn it to something beautiful. Where you realize that this will not stay for ever. The sun will set and the heat will go and you can relax in the opportunity of letting your body adapt to the ever changing circumstances.

Life has so many ways of expressing the need to be ready and willing to change our perception of things all the time. Every moment and every condition is a lesson to be learned. And I am one who enjoys being taught…

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