St. Anne

By: houseoftherose

Jun 26 2012

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St. Anne

June 26, 2012

by rose marie

On this very hot (35C) day in June I feel like sharing with you one of the most delicious finds I have made lately.

Traveling through this countryside full of hidden structures and well kept ancient buildings you may bump into a very unobtrusive little chapel, dedicated to St. Anne, the mother of Mary, and thus the Grand-Mother of Jesus. We hardly ever think about the great impact this historical Mother must have had on the boy and the man Jesus, as well as on Mary herself.

St. Anne was a well educated woman according to the historical sources that I have read, and was therefore part of a very well to do tribe in the land of the ancient peoples of the middle East.

This small chapel in the Fenouilledes in the South of France, contains more statues of St. Anne as well as some of Mary in and around the fully restored small church which is surrounded by a beautifully located olive garden and which has a mineral (iron) spring.

Personally I consider this type of location the real treasure of these lands; those that share peace, wisdom and silence. Places that deserve a person’s attention. That make you realize how insignificant this current lifetime is, when looking back on the lives that went ahead of us in linear time …. while the cyclical time goes on and on …..


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