Glanum – 2

By: houseoftherose

Apr 09 2012

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Glanum - Triumphal Arch

by: rose marie

date: April 9, 2012

As promised in the post before this one: here is the famous Arch to be found along the public Road when entering St. Remy de Provence from the South (Alpilles). It is situated to the right of the very impressive mausoleum which will be the next topic.

This Arch has a special detail in the bee-hive like structure of the ceiling when underneath. Anything you say will be magnified and whispering is useless…. So if you have a message for the world, go there and say it with a normal voice and you will be heard !! All jokes aside, it is a monument worth visiting this is what wikipedia has to say about this Arch:

The triumphal arch of Glanum (10-25 B.C.)

The triumphal arch stood just outside the northern gate of the city, and was the visible symbol of Roman power and authority. It was built near the end of the reign of Augustus Caesar (who died in 14 A.D.) . The upper portion of the arch, including the inscription, are missing.

The sculptures decorating the arch illustrated both the civilization of Rome and what happened to the enemies of Rome.

  • the panel to the right of the entrance shows a female figure seated on a pile of weapons, and a Gaullish prisoner with his hands tied behind him.
  • The panel to the left shows another prisoner in a Gaullish cloak, with a smaller man, wearing his cloak in the Roman style, placing his hand on the shoulder of the prisoner.
  • On the reverse side of the arch are sculptures of two more pairs of Gaullish prisoners.

I trust that this extra piece of information will awaken your interest in this tour destination…


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