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Apr 07 2012

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by: rose marie

date: April 7, 2012

It was only last week that my friend (in the picture above) and myself have visited the very interesting archeological site of Glanum in St. Remy de Provence in Southern France.

The beautiful small village of St. Remy is made famous by Vincent van Gogh, the painter, who spent many years here and I can imagine why. The air is gentle, the light is superb and the location is inspiring.  The institution that has been the home for Van Gogh for a number of years is, interestingly enough, just next to the archeological site of Glanum, which is of Hellenistic-Roman origin.

Quite special also, is the fact that the best known monumental remnants of this archeological site is located on the other side of the road on a public open space: a beautiful Arc and the Mausoleum. The pictures of these I will share with you on a later date. Today’s picture is a leftover of a temple dedicated to the emperor’s family, positioned more or less in the center of the site.

What specifically caught my attention was the ornament on the edge of the roof which, when seen from behind looks like a sun and it is pointed due East. All four of the corners must have had the same ornaments of course but it did strike me as special that this easterly one is the only one  still standing as is naturally the whole supporting part of the temple underneath it.

With the deep blue, mid morning sky bringing out the best of the building, I found it worthwhile sharing this new destination on my guided tours with you.

In the upcoming period I will share some other intriguing information of this latest addition to my guiding list with you as well.


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