Bugarach area

By: houseoftherose

Mar 06 2012

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Category: emergence, freedom, languedoc, nature, pyrenees, south of france, travel

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by rose marie

March 6, 2012

The photo of today’s blog was taken early October last year (2011) and is a shot from the Esperaza market. This little village on the banks of the river Aude is famous in the area for it’s Sunday market, due to it’s offering of biological and organic produce, which also is mostly home-made/produced. There is a stong alternative way of living essence of the sellers as well as of the visitors.

A very lively market with cafe’s to sit and have your coffee, or your glass of wine and where one meets friends all the time. It is a real community gathering place around the church on the central square.

A visit to the market combined with a visit to the ‘famous’ mount Bugarach, which is at a close distance would make for an extremely enjoyable Sunday in the country side. When travelling from Esperaza to Bugarach you will also pass by the road leading to another ‘famous’ spot in the area: the hill top village of Rennes le Chateau. World famous for the mysteries and enigma’s that surround it, ever since the BBC televised a mini series about the village in the 70’s of last century. There is more than ample information to be found on that topic on the internet, as well as of all kinds of personal views and finds about the mysteries (you only have to think of the Da Vinci Code and there you are…!) surrounding this small town.

Bugarach is maybe even more interesting at this moment, it being described by many is the only place to be safe when the apocalypse comes and doomsday arrives at the end of this year, 21 December, according to some.

Living here though, does not generate any of this kind of anxiety around that so called end of humanity thinking. Every day is lived within the Now, which is fed by the very strong energy of the area and the very basic natural surroundings.

Acceptance of the way things are, comes as naturally as breathing … when grounding in this very historically charged part of France.

You are welcome to share this with me when you come to see and sense for yourself. There is a one bedroom apartment available as well as my guiding services. Just let me know and we will make arrangements.


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