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Feb 15 2012

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in the valley of Burgarach

by: rose marie

February 15, 2012

The picture of today was taken before the ‘great cold’ hit our region about 2 weeks ago. It was a sunny day with above average temperatures and I had invited a friend to walk up with me and Nanda, the dog, to the ruined castle of the Knights Templar at Le Bezu, opposite the famous Mount Bugarach.

Now this was for the two of us, my friend and myself, quite a challenge, because we were both recuperating from a physical impact. As you can see it was an easy walk for dog Nanda.

We both reached the top and it proved to be worthwhile: seeing the great winter landscape, letting the fresh wind ruffle our hair and feeling the warmth of the afternoon sun on our skins. Because of the winter season many more details of the valley are visible. It is a puzzling and enchanting area at the same time.

Puzzling, because you are drawn back to the past, trying to figure out how people have sustained themselves on such a desolate location. Of course this is seeing with the eyes of a person in this current time and under current conditions. Who knows what the valley used to be almost a thousand years ago? It might have been teeming with people living there, taking care of providing the inhabitants of the castle with everything they might want or need.

It is an enchanting area because of the closeness you feel to the earth while standing on top of a ridge. And because of the magnificent views into all directions while sensing the majestic quality of this part of the Pyrenees. In earlier posts I have already shown more pictures of the Bugarach, from various angles and in other seasons, and I may invite you to check these out for getting a better feel of this special Mountain.

The challenge that we were facing in climbing up that day has again turned into a real Present……


One comment on “Challenge”

  1. wonderful image, beautiful dog 😉

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