Mysterious Bugarach

By: houseoftherose

Jan 28 2012

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Mount Bugarach

by: rose marie

Date: January 28, 2012

Last week, when the weather was very clear and sunny, we made the trip once again to the ruins of the templar castle on top of Le Bezu and on our way there we were able to take this fabulous shot of Mont Bugarach.

This mountain never ceases to amaze me. It radiates such a spectrum of energies that everyday is another surprise of what you will be presented with.

The international community that is into the “2012 story”, is still putting much effort in trying to discover what this mountain is holding for us, as a message to deal with what some fear, might be upon us.

To me this peak is just a mirror of what is happening in the person looking at it, on a particular day and what the person is generating or needing.

So, obviously, I was needing or generating a mysterious energy that day that asked for clarification and that is exactly what I got. This I can only say in hindsight, of course.

The beauty of this landscape and the majesty of the mountain hold treasures for every one seeing it and connecting with it’s energy. My wish for the reader is to experience this one day as well……


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