Another year has past

By: houseoftherose

Dec 31 2011

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many years have past ...

by: rose marie

December 31, 2011

On this very last day of the year, we all have a tendency to reconsider what it was, that made it into a special year; which were the lessons learned, or the mistakes made again. Today I share with you a picture of a small and very old church in the Corbieres, South-West France.

The region that I have made myself very familiar with during the last 3 years and which I hold very dear. A region that feels like home and which has enormous potential in all aspects of life, especially for growth, be that agricultural or personal!

The church used to be the center of a village by the very fortunate name of Fourtou, and is now the sole building in-between meadows where the beautiful grey cows of the Pyrenees graze. It is built on the river side of the Orbieu. The village itself has moved uphill to an area that has no chance of inundation and has more pastures for the expanding agricultural activities.

The church with it’s very old, small graveyard, has seen many years come and go and still retains it’s sober and solemn quality. An intriguing atmosphere surrounds it; an atmosphere of peace and calmness and a togetherness with the surrounding area.

An acceptance of what the times bring. Sitting on the century old bench next to the entrance in the early morning sunshine, you will be filled with the same acceptance of times passing by, without the need of passing judgement.

As Eckhart Tolle in his book  “A New Earth” quotes: ‘This too, will pass!’

And that is what it is exactly: the Earth will renew itself all the time, every moment, while we are holding on to things that have a fleeting quality and fool ourselves in believing that it is forever.

I am happy to celebrate another new moment full of potential and will name it 2012!

Happy new year to all …….


One comment on “Another year has past”

  1. Ahah I just saw the picture and immediately I knew it was in France.

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