By: houseoftherose

Dec 11 2011

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by: rose marie

December 11, 2011

It happens to be an extra-ordinary winter time so far. While leaves are turning brown, they are not in a hurry to fall! At the same time their are all kinds of flowers sticking up their colorful heads from between the leaves that did leave their tree….

This full blooming specimen against the back drop of the huge plane tree in the front yard drew my attention. Co-creation at work. Nature apparently takes it the way it comes. No laws of how it should be, no boxes to try to fit in. Just being what is possible at that moment…. If it just so happens that the one is shedding and the other is flowering, then that is how it is at this time. No buts, no ifs… just the way it is.

I wish I could have this same capacity of not wanting everything to fit into my box of how things are supposed to be. And then again, I am still happy to feel the wonder of how this can work together, so their is progress to report…

I guess we are going to be seeing many more of these phenomena where it looks like nature is running her own course and is not being limited by our perceptions of how things ought to be around this time of the year.

Anything worthwhile, I will report in my blog, promise!


2 comments on “co-creation”

  1. That is what I truly love about nature…it can surprise you all the time. Here in NY, there a wide variety of plants that I never came across ever before. It’s almost mid-December and the plants are usually dead and gone but not this year. One of the spots, that my friends and I frequent for hiking, has plants still standing and as beautiful as it is in the spring time. Great post:)

  2. Here in central Texas I’ve seen a few plants blooming out of season too, one of which is:

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