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Nov 16 2011

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by rose marie

November 16, 2011

Today I share with you a picture taken about a week ago, on my way down from the Corbieres into the Aude valley.

There is a sense of re-visiting every time I drive this road. This is what I had always envisaged the Pyrenees to be, long before I ever traveled here. The village situated where it is, always gives me a sense of “Home”. My thoughts then are: I must have lived some of my lives here in this region, and they were good lives otherwise I might not have felt this strong a connection….

The day I took this shot happened to also be the first day that there was a slight snow cap on the top of the peak (St. Bartelemy) that you see in the distance. First real signs of winter, although rather late in the season for this area.

All in all a beautiful and spectacular (at least for me) take of the ever changing views one has in this area. Around every bent in the road something new pops up and one gets a surprise all the time. Like drifting through a candy store without feeling the need to taste. Just the promise of the inherent sweetness itself does it for you.

Where ever you go on your ventures in this department you will find something that will have a resounding effect on you and one that you want to share with others. The local vibrations that you might pick up, are really turning inward and make you feel alive from the inside out.


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