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Nov 14 2011

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Chateau d'Arques

by rose marie

November 14, 2011

Today we have a (sloping!) picture of chateau d’Arques in autumn mist with the rising sun coming to tear the mist down. Passing by it was so wondrous and mystical that we had to stop and share this beauty with our readers.

Scenes from the movie Woman from Avalon come to mind as well when you drive up to a scenery like this. I continue to say that this part of south-west France has so much beauty hidden, or not so hidden, to share that I really hope that many more people will have the opportunity to see these for themselves. These treasures are abundantly available here in the Aude and I would be honored to show them to the enthusiasts.

The ‘mistical’ quality of an early autumn morning shot are undeniable and give an extra halo to the already very much to the imagination appealing building.

As stated on another page of my blog already, this chateau is special since it is not located within the village but stands solidly at a small distance away from it, in a straight line with the famous hilltop village of Rennes le Chateau and the mountain St. Barthelemy in the Pyrenees, which you can observe from a higher vintage point a little away from the village on the road leading to Bouisse.

Sometimes you really get the feel that all these places are laid out in a way that is geometrically decided. Like there is a greater plan that has been in place for the location of the villages and their connections with each other …..

Hmmm ….. interesting concept and one that has been studied extensively by people like Henry Lincoln and others…..


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