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Nov 11 2011

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Roman aqueduct

by rose marie

November 11, 2011

On this very special day, full of double digits, you are introduced to one of the very well kept secrets of the area that I perform guide services in: Aude and Pyrenees Orientales, departements of the Languedoc Roussillon region in France.

Today, which to me, has the feel of a bridging day, the photo shared, is of a bridge, or better said an aqueduct, that has been there already for almost 2 millennia.

This Roman structure which has 29 arches, is located it the village of Asignan in the Fenouilledes and has, till this date, been used to guide a flow of water from the river Agly to the vineyards that are all around. At the same time the aqueduct also crosses (bridges) the same feeding river (Agly)  at this point. The water runs overhead and you can cross the river on foot underneath on another level of the structure. The stone canal picks up its flow a little further upstream, jests the water down and crosses itself, so to speak.

When pondering over the tremendous meaning of using flow in such a way, may result in unbelievable insights like: if we could only use this technique in our inner world and overcome our obstacles, by picking up flow and use it a little further down the stream… and make sure you can make the grass equally green on both sides of the river!

No more obstacles. Contentment because your grass is as green as anywhere else. Peace of mind. Just to name a few of possible insights.

A beautiful place for a picnic, a meditation, or just to spend some time on the river side…

Wouldn’t it be nice to share such an experience?


3 comments on “Bridging”

  1. Great image for contemplation of….whatever

  2. Just BEAUTIFUL….

  3. hi to all houseoftherose.wordpress.comers this is my frst post and thought i would say a big hello to yous –
    thanks speak soon
    garry m

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