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Nov 06 2011

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double arched bridge

by rose marie

November 6, 2011

Last week, on November 1, to be precise, we went for a ride in the countryside and chose to go to an area in the departement of Pyrenees Orientales, which borders our Aude departement, to look for new treasures to add to my very voluminous stock of places worth a visit. And we did find some real “gold”. What a glorious area, so full of history, past glory and natural beauty.

On a winding road through the beautifully fall colored vineyards, and while crossing a bridge, we noticed this old passage hidden in the bushes.

Of course I had to stop and investigate. There are so many of these ancient structures hidden in the fields and under trees and shrubs that only in autumn/winter you can really locate them.

Finds like this are an indication of the intensity of past living in this now rural area, which once was one of the most densely populated areas of France. Culturally speaking this region was also on top, and equalled Rome in that respect.

Romans already spotted this area and have been involved in the grape growing and wine producing industry in the early centuries.

In the upcoming days I will present you with another treasure that we have found, which is an astonishing piece of Roman presence and know-how and came as a total surprise …. so keep on coming back to this blog and I will share with you some more ….


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