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Nov 01 2011

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cross in Roquefort

by rose marie

November 1, 2011

It is all but natural that for today, November 1, I have chosen one of the many pictures of crosses that I have in my photo library. This once is situated close to Roquefort in the Arriege, France.

Roquefort has some of the most magical waterfalls that I know. Only in Spring and Fall season they have ample water to perform their magical show. It is Misty and Mystical when you are there at the right time. The water is flowing down from a plateau and jets over into a pond, which jets into a lower pond which jets into a still lower pond and so on until it reaches the next plane.

On the way up along side these falls, because you will start bottom down, you will find grotto’s and beautiful vegetation.

But let’s get back to the cross. You will find crosses in France, where ever roads or paths meet and it is the indication of a junction, just like the cross itself. People used these crosses as their reference points as well as to leave behind messages for co-travelers.

The crosses in France are worth a study by themselves because of the difference in materials used, as well as in their presentation and location.

When getting close to one of these markers, I always take some time to contemplate the people that have trekked by these crosses over time,  and about their Path.

For sure they were underway, and on the road to …..?


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