By: houseoftherose

Oct 28 2011

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Category: celebration, contemplation, emergence, freedom, languedoc, nature, pyrenees, south of france

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Copper tree

by rose marie

October 28, 2011

The picture of this tree in full autumn colors was taken 2 days ago along the road from Couiza to Rennes les Bains in the South of France, Cathar Country.

Because of the contrast of it’s rustic colors against the pure blue sky it made a great impression. One of beauty without self-awareness. Innocence in a process that is about change from full development back to the stage where you have to prepare for death and rebirth.

This Friday is such a day. Finally we have some rain after weeks of sunshine and great weather. Yesterday was a very windy day without rain although the promise of moisture was heavily around and today the wind is gone and the water is gently being released to nourish and prepare the earth for the same process of death and rebirth of all her children plants. I personally will be turning this into an internal day: a day for reflection and contemplation. A day for study and mirror work. Looking at oneself in a mirror oftentimes gives great reason for fun. How seriously we take ourselves most of the time …. and upon realizing that, you cannot but laugh!

According to Dr. C.J. Calleman (author of the book: the Purposeful Universe) this is a very special day and therefore all the more reason to turn inward and look at what is driving us … have a safe journey  …


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