By: houseoftherose

Oct 25 2011

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Category: alchemy, contemplation, emergence, freedom, nature, pyrenees

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by: rose marie

October 25, 2011

One of the main themes during these splendid  fall days is Change.

Everything in nature changes in expression, in speed, in light, in experience. Going from the exuberance of the summer splash into the introverted winter mode.

Nature is our mirror for reflections on Change as such. It reminds us that nothing stays the same; although we might prefer to deny that and pretend that everything goes on forever and ever, just the way it is right now!

Not one moment is the same as the next and for proof of that you have only to be mindful of your own thoughts and emotions. They pass by in a number and a speed beyond comprehension. If we are lucky enough, we never get trapped into the mind stream that continues to produce the same thoughts over and over again, driving us crazy.

Change is the generator of charge, which is the life force. Our electrical universe is powered by this charge, which is the result of change. Itself being the process of balancing between opposites. So never look for Change to stop: you might be unpleasantly supprised!

Change is vibrating at every level of our existence at this moment, and should be met with an open mind . With a certain curiosity about what the promise will be of what is coming next. While easily said, it is oftentimes Fear that is the driving energy with which we look upon Change and this will only produce what it generates: fearful events.

The open mind and positive thoughts will create just that: events that serve a purpose and can be used for the well being of all involved.


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