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Oct 23 2011

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Focal Length:5.7mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Praying Mantis

by: rose marie

October 23, 2011

Today’s picture is of a creature that we have graciously named “praying mantis”. A grasshopper look-a-like endowed with predatory qualities.

If you observe the “out of proportion” size of head versus body  and head versus limbs you get the impression that somewhere along the line something has gone wrong. On the other hand you can also state that because of this peculiar built, the animal will completely dissolve into it’s green background while doing what nature intended it to do.

This creature can sit for hours and not move at all as if in deepest meditation, hence it’s name, and wait for it’s prey to move into its action sphere.

They feed on insects and other small animals, three times their size, and keep them captive in their spiked forelegs until they can bite off the victim’s head.

Having the opportunity to study them and to make pictures of them is a blessing in itself, whether or not they are “praying” or “preying”….

Still not quite sure on why I have chosen this picture for today, besides that it is a capture of a being that I had not been able to have in my portfolio yet.

It will become clear why it showed up in my life and on my blog for a reason. When I will have more on this I will certainly share ….


3 comments on “Fall”

  1. Liebe Rose Marie… Belle amie. What a awesome picture !! We all are attracted to what is similar or has qualities we possess within ourselves. Aware or them or not. You must have added the “mante religieuse” pixels to your folio for the patience abilities inbuilt in that gracious insect. A quality rare amongst humans, but you… have always owned plenty… !! Love you for that …also !! E.j

    • Lovely Estelle, what a nice observation … I shall surely look into it and see where this best makes sense. In the meantime I hope not to be preying on anybody…. kiss rose marie

  2. Thanks, I am happy to know that my blog is fun for other people as well and that sharing is a great way of bridging …. stay tuned for my November 11th post in this respect …

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