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Oct 04 2011

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by: rose marie

date: October 4, 2011

World Animal day ……

Today I present you with the dog Nanda, who is in my care for the time being.

She is a guard dog and takes her task very seriously, sometimes a little too serious. She wants to please and she is eager for company.

I can really understand that some people think that dogs are very close to the human state because of their affectionate quality. They also tend to tune in on the energy of their “master” and sometines people say they even start to look like their master (and sometimes it is the other way round!).

This special day geared toward the well being of the animals on this planet should be extended in 2 directions: it should not just be this single day in the year, but, of course, everyday. And it should not be just for animals, but also for other human beings.

Each of us have a responsibility in that respect; together (humans and animals) we give form to the moving and living realms of this planet and therefore already we are strongly connected. We are the ones that have freedom in deciding where we want to be, and how we are going to deal with situations, while for instance plants, although alive, do not have this choice, because they can not move. They just have to wither whatever is coming their way.

The realization of just this, often overlooked aspect, is a source of contemplation and thereby of being grateful to having the quality of being able to make choices …. hmm what a concept!


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