Sky Dove

By: houseoftherose

Sep 16 2011

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Category: celebration, freedom, languedoc, nature, pyrenees, travel

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Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

by: rose marie

September 16, 2011

Today I present you with a picture taken of a winter sky and the appearance of a cloud formation that looks like a dove.

In the land of the Cathars where this photo is taken, high over a small village, Alet les Bains, with a great ruin, a cathedral that has been in this state since 1577,  these cloud formations happen often over the clear blue winter sky and never fail to make your imagination start working immediately.

One could get the impression that what you are thinking of or working with or trying to sort out, is being offered one way or another to you from an unsuspected place. This time it was the dove that is linked to the Cathar Faith which is also depicted in the stone opposite the Catholic (!) Church in Minerve, a historic city in the Minervois, and which stands for their Spiritual Freedom.

The freedom of the spirit in the broadest sense of the word is something that most of us are looking for, whether that be in a religious context or not.

Freedom that presumes thinking out of the box, going the path that has not been shown yet and experiencing everything  that is new.

Freedom that is fearless and has respect for all things alive.

The openness of the winter sky in this area so close to the Pyrenees is a true gem the splendour of which can be shared ….


One comment on “Sky Dove”

  1. “Love is the beauty of the soul.” ~ Saint Augustine

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