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Sep 14 2011

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glass stained window in Auch Cathedral

by: rose marie

September 14, 2011

Today’s picture is one that is very dear to me. It was taken around the same time of the year, 2 years ago. It was during one of  our numerous visits to this majestic Cathedral that we took it and although the window is almost 500 years old, the colors are still very vivid and complete and the depiction is in my view timeless. It is like the three times in one and therefor it is universal.

The central figure is the woman (Sybil or prophetess) carrying a staff and that is the attribute that tells us the story that is being presented in this window.

I will not go into details about the story in this blog, but being a masterpiece itself, it is already worth showing and I am sure that everybody can appreciate the craftsmanship of the maker.

The cathedral in Auch is absolutely worth a visit and although it is not in my normal area of guiding activities, I have made it to a special destination. The cathedral is one of the latest so called Gothic Cathedrals, finished mid 16th century,  of which there are many in France and almost all of them are dedicated to “Notre Dame”.

The craftsmanship of the various skills used in this cathedral is of such a high standard that it leaves you really with wonder on the commitment of the laborers who built this edifice.

If this speaks to you, I may invite you to join me on my next exploration ….


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