By: houseoftherose

Sep 10 2011

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Category: art, flowers, languedoc, nature, south of france

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Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec


by: rose marie

September 10, 2011

On this glorious Saturday, I have chosen to share this picture with you.

In all it’s simplicity it represents the beauty of nature and the intricacy found therein.

Looking at the color scheme of this flower there is nothing harsh about it, going from the softer tones to the deeper tones around the heart of the flower.

And then the clean white stigma in the center, protruding like an antenna.

This flower receptacle looks like the grail itself.

Holding the raindrops in homogenous balls of water, resting in the folds of the petals.

An old died-off flower to the lower left and a leaf representing the oxygen generating part of the plant. The story of life and death in a picture of a simple flower….

Much more pure then this you cannot find it. Untouched, unblemished, not bothered by perceptions, judgments or thoughts. Just being pure and beautiful for as long as life is supposed to happen.

That is what a plant is supposed to be, and I guess that is why it cannot go anywhere.

But for human beings – who should better call them selves human doings – life is different. Our thinking properties make our lives much more diverse and much more difficult. We have an open eye for where each of us is different and we forget to see where we are  equals. This goes for gender, for race, for creed, for nationality and so on. If we could only see the beauty and the uniqueness of every other human doing, the world would be in a better shape: pure!


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