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Sep 09 2011

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by: rose marie

September 9, 2011

Nine – nine- eleven, double digits all around…  Time to remember the happenings of almost 10 years ago… the day everybody still knows what they were doing when they heard about the Twin Towers attack.

Just like I still know where I was when I heard that President Kennedy was shot, or when Princess Diana was killed. These times are like breakpoints in history… there is a”before” and an “after”.

And it is always about freedom if you go back to the core of the happenings…

Freedom to be who you are, freedom to say what you want and the freedom to go where you please.

With every happening it seems that this freedom has become less and less. But it is only our perception of freedom that is taken away by our governments and news media. Real freedom you cannot take away: it is within a person.

The freedom to think and to feel, the freedom to create, the freedom to share and the freedom to become, are a person’s birth right.

Especially the last one: the freedom to become is the result of our own individual and personal growth process and the outcome is based on what we do with whatever is coming our way while on the path that we call Life.

We have a choice: we can become fearful and negative about what we see as obstacles or we can embrace situations and see them as opportunities.

In that sense I feel quite “opportunistic” …. and I want to look around every corner to find out what is going to happen next …..


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