Cap on Bugarach

By: houseoftherose

Sep 08 2011

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Category: freedom, languedoc, nature, south of france, travel

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Bugarach with cloud cap

by: rose marie

September 8, 2011

The picture above was taken a couple of days ago at a very promising early morning hour. Walking with the dog in Lavaldieu, we were presented with this magnificent appearance of the cloud cap dripping over the top of the Bugarach in the far distance. It is such a special feature, this mountain sticking up it’s top where ever you go in the greater neighborhood.

Known for the energy and so much part of the 2012 stories that are going around, this mountain has become a legend already.

But beyond the legend I see the natural features of it and sense the specialness of this alone standing mountain.

It is like a beacon and my personal compass always points to this beacon and is always able to find it where ever I am in the area.

A beacon of this magnitude is the link between the earth and the sky and causes vortices to exist. The inspiration that is being generated by Bugarach is well known and documented and is still a source of creation for a lot of people, including myself. Like it always is holding a message for me. A message to go inside and to connect with whatever wants to be expressed…

And so this is the message of today and it is expressed….. share me on my trips and you will find your source of inspiration ….


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