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Sep 07 2011

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my favorite tree

by: rose marie

September 7, 2011

Today is the day to present to my readers my favorite tree: it is in full view of my living quarters and my connection with the weather,  it is a landmark in the area and it is all natural. I have a strong connection to this tree and I feel it to be a security feature in my environment; a reminder of the greatness of nature as well as a piece of art.

According to the thought of “as above, so below”, this tree must have a tremendous root system stretching out and going deep into mother earth. If you want to get grounded, a tree hug with this tree is the way to go. If you want to connect with mother earth, a time spent under this tree let’s you experience this without any doubt.

You do not find many untouched plane trees like this in the French countryside because most of these trees are being trimmed every so often in order to shape it in a way that it generates the desired shade during hot summer days.

To me this tree represents my connection with this area, with the French culture and I recognize all kinds of female forms and features in the trunk of this tree, which makes it more special still.

There are, of course, more beautiful trees around here but this one is the one for me at this moment and in this place …..


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