Rennes le Chateau

By: houseoftherose

Sep 06 2011

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Rennes le Chateau

by: rose marie

September 6, 2011

Rennes le Chateau, village of mysteries, history, enigma’s, books, films but also a village beautifully and meaningfully located on the top of a hill. One road leading to it; the final destination. The world stops at the other end of the village from where you enter it and from there you have magnificent views over the valleys and the Pyrenees in the background.

Today’s picture is taken this morning early, from the other side of it, from Lavaldieu.

It was a rather clear day, some clouds hovering over the valleys a little further into the direction of the Pyrenees and a beautiful cap of clouds over the Bugarach, which I will show you one of these days.

Reading and re-reading books and information on Mary Magdalene, whether fiction or just plain made up stories does not matter, the feminine quality of this area is noticeable as a veil that has been laid over this part of France. There is a lot of magic and a lot of majestic quality to be felt and it all has a dense and down to earth feel. At the same time there is a lightness with the double meaning of being light: in weight and in lumens.

It is so worth the while to spend some time here, especially now that the world of power and money is coming to a stage where the  grinding of all the little wheels are taking over and there is no more denying the change that is upon ust. Get in touch with me and I might prepare a great trip for you…


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