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Sep 05 2011

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by: rose marie

September 5, 2011

Today you are presented with a photograph taken on August 8, 2011 while on our way from the area of the Fenouilledes to Prades in the Pyrenees. While crossing the mountain ranges we came across this beautifully located Trembling Rock feature. With views of 360 degrees around it generates an energy that is magnificent. It always reminds me of the mystical tour that Hercules has made through the Pyrenees piling rocks to leave his “foot print”.

Of course it is also a token of the natural equilibrium that finds it’s expression in stone features like this one. For myself I could state that I wish for reaching a state of mind that is as level and balanced as this rock pile is….. working on such a mental state is a job. Being more aware of the necessity of mindfulness in our day to day life and activities will greatly enhance this mental state.

This area of South France, Languedoc-Roussillon, is a landscape that offers a lot of these precariously located reminders of what balancing means….. Looking at all the Cathar castle ruins, all the villages and churches on top of the hills, you will have an idea of keeping the equilibrium with what is above and what is below …..

Finding treasures like this one, is a gift. One that I want to share with the reader of this blog… thank you for that.


4 comments on “Equilibrium”

  1. wow. i would love to take a trip here

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