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Sep 01 2011

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Ode to the Aude

by: rose marie

September 1, 2011

Today’s blog is an “ode to the Aude”!

Aude being a department in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France, famous for several features: the most famous mountain of France: Bugarach, the most famous village of France: Rennes le Chateau, famous for it’s hot springs, like in Rennes les Bains, famous for it’s former religious people the Cathars and famous for its wines.

Definitely a place to come and see. In my activities as a guide in this area I oftentimes show my clients the not so famous places as well like this natural pool in the river Salz. It has a name though and it is called: Fontaine des Amours (no translation needed!).

Being in this fountain area provides you a connection with the “ongoing nature”: like past, present and future are all One. There is no more time like we know it from our watches (Chronos), there is just the moment where everything comes together (Kairos).

There is just this flow, there is no end to it, nor was there a beginning. It just IS.

This IS-ness makes you still and appreciative of what is presented to you and overwhelming emotions and urges to do things come to a standstill. These natural surroundings offer an great place for healing and contemplation.

I would love to share these special places with you, my reader, because you have come to this page to find this spot. You can reach me at


2 comments on “Aude”

  1. I would love to share this place with you….

    Love from Christina

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