By: houseoftherose

Aug 31 2011

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Category: emergence, languedoc, nature, south of france, travel

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Flow is Beauty

by: rose marie

August 31, 2011

Every day there is something new, which is actually old, presenting itself to the observer with eye for beauty.

Just yesterday I was reading an interesting article on Beauty and what the description of it is. According to the author it is a very personal thing and everyone has different parameters to come to their definition of what beauty is for them.

Since reading this article, I have been pondering over what Beauty is for me.

And I have come to the conclusion that for me “beauty” should contain a high degree of natural purity. The way nature has intended things to Be. It all has to do with how things come together, how they do not interfere with each other in taken up space that has not been allotted to them. How they are part of the co-creation of the moment. I often see Beauty more easily in moments then in objects or beings. It is a coming together of the various elements that make up the moment and there it is… all of a sudden.

These moments of beauty I happen to experience quite often here in the Languedoc where I live. Just around every corner there is this possibility for Beauty to appear and I am very much aware that I am constantly on the lookout for these moments of beauty-bliss.

More bliss it gets when there are people with me to share these moments with…. being a guide for this area gives me this opportunity again and again ….


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