Bugarach hillside

By: houseoftherose

Aug 30 2011

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Category: celebration, contemplation, emergence, freedom, languedoc, nature, pyrenees, south of france, travel

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Bugarach on the way up...

by: rose marie

August 30, 2011

Today’s blog is once more about the “famous” mount Bugarach.

By now, in almost every newspaper or magazine, articles about this mountain have been published and what is it that makes this mountain so special?

First of all, it has a certain energy that is quite noticeable when being in the neighborhood. It looks magnificent in its’ surroundings because of being alone-standing.

It has a grandeur to it because of the many rock formations and of the striking feature of its flattened top which according to some, resembles a face of a person lying down.

But these days Bugarach is “made” famous because of the stories around and about 2012; instigating that this spot might be a special spot when things will start to disintegrate, or so they say.

From that vintage point it would be a nice thought to find out what these “relief seekers” are looking for: we all know that what is needed to get through to the next level (Aquarius?) is knowledge and understanding about ourselves: our motivations, our drives, our urges and desires etc. So rather then looking for the Bugarach outside we might as well look for our own Bugarach inside our personal environment and inside ourselves. We have special energy spots, we have places where we connect easily and others where connection seems so hard to make and maintain.

Taking time out to visit our personal Bugarach would be good preparation for the turbulent times that have begun to come over us…..


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