By: houseoftherose

Aug 26 2011

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Category: celebration, emergence, flowers, freedom, languedoc, nature, pyrenees, south of france

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by: rose marie

August 26, 2011

Today this blog is about change. Change that we do not see as a promise but as an obstacle. Oftentimes we are so caught up in our own thought patterns that our perspective of what is unfolding is only perceived in the mindset of that particular moment. There is not enough freedom within us to look at what is about to happen, with an open and clear mind.

The emotions, and the mindset that goes along with it, are restricting us from the potential that every change and every situation harbor.

Potential to look at change from a perspective of turning away from a view that is getting stale; that is slowly dying. When things do not change anymore they will die. And that is the awkward thing about us human beings: we are running away from death and we are running away from change. Neither death nor change are welcome in our daily lives….

But as the old philosophers already knew: life is just the short period in-between deaths. Change is the charge that is needed to generate life and to continue with it. We are living in an electric universe so charge is life and the sparkle thereof.

The rose of today has this sparkle and this promise; by looking at the picture you can already sense the scent of the flower and you can see how magnificent it will unfold and you are aware of the change that is needed to get from the state it is in now to it’s full potential. Only change can do that. Let it unfold…..


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