Being Whole

By: houseoftherose

Aug 23 2011

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Category: alchemy, contemplation, emergence, freedom, paradigm shift

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Chateau d'Arques with Rennes le Chateau on the hilltop behind it

by: rose marie

August 23, 2011

Yesterday’s blog was about being right. So while contemplating this it came to my mind that being right is a completely left brain process. Nobody ever wants to “be left”.

Funny that both types of being have second qualities as well:

Being right is about justice (at least our personal perception of it) and according to right hand logic and being straight, based on facts. Left brain process.

Being left would then mean that your perception of the situation is based on feelings, on sustainability and the continuation of life. The second meaning of being left would be one of exclusion, of being left behind…… Completely right brain process!

Wow, what an opportunity to never need the urge to have to be right again because I would not want to leave being left out of the picture. Nor the other way round.

I want to be whole and therefor just accepting the situation as it is in whichever way it is being presented to me. Of course my Ego wants to be right all the time and my emotions want to be left all the time.

Somewhere in between there is this bridge that includes both of them and I will do my best to cross this bridge to reach the ultimate of being whole upon confrontation with moments that seem to need my personal input in qualifying/judging them. The challenge is to find the appropriate bridge for every one of these moments …….


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