Black Madonna

By: houseoftherose

Aug 20 2011

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Category: alchemy, art, contemplation, emergence, madonna, south of france, travel

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Notre Dame de Marceille

by: rose marie

August 20, 2011

Today it is stifling hot; almost too warm to go anywhere. At least not until 5 pm. It also feels like the earth is holding her breath ….. The more extreme the things that are going on, the more the breath holding is felt.

the funny thing is, that the dog I am currently taking care of, has not yet shed his winter hair, although it is around 37 degrees Celcius. What is going on… what are the beings that are still more in tough with Gaia then we are, telling us.  Time to go to visit the church close by, holding a Black Madonna: the basilica of the Notre Dame de Marceille in Limoux.

Last year we happened to be at the re-inauguration of the statue, on May 30 (it had been ravaged and needed restoration), and ever since we have been going back regularly, especially when clarification on situations is felt needed. Getting in touch with the Black Madonna or Isis or the primordial feminine is always a good source for finding the wisdom that we all have…. and to be able to tap into it.

Something beyond our day to day view is going on and I just cannot yet put my finger on it!

Let the deep knowing from all the times come up and share with me what we need to know so that we can better handle the situations we find ourselves in….


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