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Aug 07 2011

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by: rose marie

August 7, 2011

Welcome to one of the most prominent so called Cathar Castles: Puilaurens.

As most of these castle ruins are built on top of majestic rock formations they are quite a phenomenon once they come into view.

And there is no way the spectacle leaves you untouched. All that comes to mind is: how awesome, how did they do this, where did they get their building and construction materials from, who designed this and where are the blueprints etc etc. What a practical western questions come up in our minds. All perceived from our reality in this moment of history.

Going back a thousand years and into the mindset of the people living around that time these questions might have been superfluous.

We cannot even imagine what their mindset was, nor what they perceived as reality.

Point is, that we can also just immerse into the fantastic energy of locations and buildings like this, and make connections to the part that went before us so that we can be what we are today.

Puilaurens being one of the easiest to reach Cathar Castles is one of the most attractive destinations in the program that I am offering to the interested visitor of Cathar country.

If you feel like having good company while exploring these ruins, write me a little note at the following address: houseoftherose@gmail.com.

I am more than happy to present to you this amazing location.


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