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Jul 18 2011

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Esperaza market

by rose marie

July 18, 2011

This kind of spontaneous musical encounters are part of the French fresh market culture, especially in the region where we have our tours (click hereto see the website).

These markets are an expression of life in general of the area:

the food is organic, the products are a variety of locally produced, seasonal produce as well as third world products in order to stimulate their economy and export.

Markets are a phenomenon all over Southern France. People go to their local markets almost as religiously as they (used to) go to Sunday mass.

The market is a place where friends meet friends, where you have a coffee, or a glass of wine, depending on the hour of the day, and where exchange of information takes place and connections are maintained.

It is “community” at it’s best …. Every village/town has their own special weekly fresh market day and you could be market hopping every day of the week if that is your passion ….. enjoy!


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