Via Domitia

By: houseoftherose

Jul 17 2011

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by rose marie

July 17, 2011

Narbonne, a city rich in history because of being the center where the roads from Toulouse and Spain cross. A place where this crossroad has led to the building of a center for traders and merchants, religions and knowledge to be exchanged.

A city that still exhumes this grant past, captured in a great palace, a special cathedral and a fairly recently unearthed piece of the original Roman road: the Via Domitia.

Here are some facts about this famous road (source: Wikipedia):

The Via Domitia was the first Roman road built in Gaul (France), to link Italy and Hispania (Spain) through Gallia Narbonensis, across what is now southern France. The route that the Romans regularised and paved was ancient when they set out to survey it, so old that it traces the mythic route travelled by Heracles. Hannibal traversed it on his way from Hispania to Italy.

So there have been quite some well known people traversing on this road on their way from Italy to Spain….

During our journey (click to go to web page) in this region of France ,a visit to Narbonne is part of the itinerary if so desired, and from personal experience it is worth the while…


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