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Jul 14 2011

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Cathar Castles

by rose marie

July 14, 2011

French national holiday …. Bastille Day…..

For history sake let us go back in time and remember all ‘bastilles’ that have been stormed during the turbulent history of France.

Before it was even a kingdom with the borders we know now, France was divided into several fiefdoms. And of course battle for power and wealth was the order of the day. A constant struggle with Arragon (Spain) was on for a couple of hundred years.

And then there was the story of the Cathars and their strongholds and fortresses. The Cathars did not own any of these castles because they did not believe in possessions except Faith and good qualities. It was not in vain that they carried the title of Bonhommes or Parfaits (for the priesthood). This title was given to them by the laymen who worked with them. The Cathars were given everything they needed by the population and their followers, and freely so, even the castles that were to be their refuge.

But what we nowadays call Cathar castles are the re-built fortresses with a militairy purpose which are located on the former Cathar strongholds and constructed from the materials left behind after the destruction by the Inquisition.

May that as it be, when exploring one of these Cathar Castles it is obvious that you are on a very special spot and you may sense a particular energy that is still hovering over these magnificent ruins ….

Come with us and have this experience yourself when we make our trip in Cathar Country (click to link to our website…)


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