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Jul 10 2011

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by rose marie

July 10, 2011

Today’s sharing is about figs; this beautiful fruit that is now in the last stage of becoming edible and which is growing all round us.

The beauty of this is that you see that all the individual fruits are in a different stage of being full grown, as if nature makes sure that not all of them are ready at the same time….

How ingenious! and how sustainable …..

I guess this is so for most fruits, but is has never appeared so clearly to me as with these figs.

About the facts: the Fig is very rich in nutrients:

they have the highest fiber and mineral content of all the usual fruits, nuts or vegetables, and contain more calcium. In fact, by weight, they actually have more calcium than skim milk.

Figs are 80% higher in potassium than bananas and are extremely easy to digest. They also have more iron than most other fruits and are extremely high in magnesium. All of this for about 20 to 40 calories per fig. No wonder they are often called nature’s most nearly perfect fruit (according to Dr. Sheldon Margen).

And there is a tree full of these fruits at my back door. Come and share with me in the Aude .. while making our tour…..(click to go to our website).


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