By: houseoftherose

Jul 09 2011

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by rose marie

July 9, 2011

Today’s picture is taken this morning around 9 o’clock. It is a Van Gogh piece but one that is alive. You can see the shade of the bee that had trouble in taking off with all the load of pollen that it was carrying.

What a glorious sight, looking into all these flowers, raising their heads to the sun and welcoming another day in which to prosper. They are so rooted in the earth and still so much like the sun with their golden color, their centripetal radiance from the center and their power to add to life.

They are hungry for the rays of the sun which feeds them with the power to generate whatever their purpose is on earth. Looking at a field full of these flowers gives you a very powerful injection of life force, as if they transmit what they assimilate, to you watching this.

All of this is there for you to share with us on our days in the Aude ….


One comment on “Sunflower”

  1. Reminds me of a train ride I enjoyed from Toulouse to Bordeaux. There was a part of the river valley that
    was filled with sunflowers …. for miles …. both sides ! I think I have a picture, but it is blurry.

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