Ruins …..

By: houseoftherose

Jul 06 2011

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Castle ruin

by rose marie

July 6, 2011

On one of our trips through the Aude area, where we organize our tours, we happened to be able to make this intriguing picture of the ruins of the Castle at Auriac against the clear evening sky.

Whenever you go out, and you travel along an as yet unknown trail for you, there is ample chance that you will be surprised with something like this: a ruin of a castle on the top of a hill with views all around. Another indication that this area has been of major importance in history.

Questions pop up: why was the castle built there on that specific location?

It pre-supposes a greater number of people in the village which currently stands at 15? Who lived there, what did they feed on. What was the purpose of the building: strategic or?

Why and when was it deserted.

There is hardly any information available on this ruin, like on so many others. Where are blueprints or documents?

This land is made up of history and mysteries. Connecting with it will bring about a feeling of wonder and amazement about what has been established here centuries ago, while almost nothing has been left behind for us to work with to get answers on all the questions that we have.

And I guess this is the big invitation and challenge for us, to just connect with the spirits of the land and the spirit of the people that have been living here for generations. And to get the information that we need in order to find out about the roots that we sense, while being here.

Welcome in Cathar Country …..


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