By: houseoftherose

Jul 05 2011

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Category: emergence, flowers, freedom, languedoc, nature, pyrenees, south of france, travel

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Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec


by rose marie

July 5, 2011

On this bright and shiny summer morning I was lucky enough to take a picture of this wild flower being kissed by the first rays of the sun, appearing over the edge of the hills surrounding us.

Looking into the heart of  a small flower like this, one cannot escape the thought of how nature is so perfect in all it’s details even on a macroscopic level as with this flower. And we call them wildflowers with a slight negative touch to it but by being aware of this beauty you understand that the wildness contains all of this beauty. It is completely natural, not composed to please our eyes or because a demand for them was created. This flower IS just there.

Being ‘wild’ in that sense should stimulate us to be what we ARE. That is good enough. There are no mistakes, no shortcomings etc. Oohh what a beautiful thought and how hard it is to let go of all that criticism towards Self and Others…

Being out there and seeing all these natural wonders and the beauty of it all the time, gives me an insight into what it is that we should be connecting to again, and letting go off finally.

This natural experience is to be shared and we like to invite any one who want s to see with their own eyes to come and join us here.


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