July 4th!

By: houseoftherose

Jul 04 2011

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July 4th!

by rose marie

July 4th, 2011

To all citizens of the USA, where ever they may be: have a happy and joyful celebration of The Fourth of July!

It is a day on which to strengthen your connections with your family, your neighborhood and your community.

It is also a day to dwell on the status of your country and on the performance of your government.

It is a day to ask yourself some questions about integrity, share-ability, sustainability and all the other aspects that have to do with the continuation of life in a good way.

And I do not mean that only for the USA citizens but for all of us who are a little more into inquiring of what is going on behind the scenes.

We need to ask for transparency of our governments otherwise we should stop calling them “our government” because they are not working for us (the citizens) but for their own agendas, whatever that may be about.

The innocence of the flower depicted above and the transparency of the stage that it is in, plus the fact that it is of a pure natural white, indicates an openness that we would like to see from all the people and the institutions that are in power!

Nature gives us clues on how to be or be-come again after so many years of being stained by culture and rules and regulations …. back to nature in the broadest sense of the word…

Joins us and experience this on our tours in Southern France!!!!


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