By: houseoftherose

Jul 03 2011

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Thistle flower

by rose marie

July 3, 2011

Today the thistle in bloom is used for our picture.

While walking through the fields behind our house I notice the many flower wonders; small and not so small.

The one of today surprised me with its colorful glory and the beautiful way it has its antennas pointed into all directions. What a master peace of natural engineering here again. Not one antenna is in the way of another. The various buds do not bloom at the same time, so only the one flowering attracts all the insects and chances are greater for continuation of the species.

How clever …. how well thought through….

Delicately treading through the fields you become aware of all these simple and not so simple wonders that Mother nature has bestowed upon us. Why is it that plants cannot move by themselves and that their energy is so rooted?

I think it is to show us that however you are connected to the Earth, every form has a specific role to play in the total of the vibrational scope of life, as it has developed throughout our planetary history.

It is the glorious offering of the earth to the sun of color and grace that these plants are taking care of and we are the witnesses to that…..

Come with us and enjoy all these magnificent treasures to be found in the backyard ….


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