Bugarach: the other side

By: houseoftherose

Jun 27 2011

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Bugarach; the other side

by rose marie

June 27, 2011

Today I read a short article in the Dutch daily “de Telegraaf” about our neighboring village Bugarach. The photo above presents you with the geographical “other” side of the mountain.

It is well known for it’s mysteries especially in the context of gateway and portal and UFO’s etc. It is also perceived by some as the place to be when the so called apocalypse of 2012 will happen.

It may be as the Mayor of the village says in the article, that people are coming searching for the safest place to be when such a thing as an apocalypse would happen. But it is good to know that this does not take any form that is out of the ordinary.

This tiny village has been bustling with “seekers” for the last 30 to 40 years, but this seeking has in my view more to do with getting re-aligned with the rhythm of the earth, with experiencing energetic lay-lines and with vortices. And as with more places on this earth some spots have more vibration than others (think of Glastonbury and Stonehenge, just to name a few).

What we notice from being in the immediate area of the now made very famous Mount Bugarach is that there is more energy available which is expressed in the adjustments you will be making by more yawning, for instance, or by feeling excited or just to the contrary, more tired.

If you want to experience for yourself what this place does to you, you can join us on our tour through this area…. click on ‘tour’ and see what we have to offer ….


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