Portal into summer

By: houseoftherose

Jun 21 2011

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by rose marie
June 21, 2011

A couple of days ago, we went to explore a specific part of the not so well known area in our French departement of the Pyrenees Orientale (66) and we came across this entrance into a church garden.

A portal dedicated to St. Anne, carrying her daughter Mary. By all means a portal of wisdom.

Today, the longest day of the year, the day that is the start of summer and when the sun is entering the sign of Cancer, we all feel intense and deeply connected to Mother, whatever that may mean for each of us personally. Our root to the Earth, our channel to wisdom, our source of Being.

Under the worldly circumstances and all the aggression that is made prominent through our media, we also find short stories about brave women who are standing up against injustice and in non-violent ways do whatever is needed to get the change they want. going.

Back to the portal in the picture: this doorway leads to an olive garden on a slope, with juniper trees and a restored very old church. The location on a hilltop is spectacular, while at the same time it can be seen from every angle. It is another treasure found in this beautiful land where we are having our vacation journey.

This is what we want to share with you (see the link for that!).

Come on, explore with us and be amazed …..


One comment on “Portal into summer”

  1. I love this post! I loved the picture, alone, but I love how you related it to life. Thanks for sharing!

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