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Jun 18 2011

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by rose marie

June 18, 2011

Bugarach!!! the highest (over 1400 m!) alone standing mountain in France.

Subject of endless mysteries and stories (Jules Verne), prominently featuring in Templar history, a renowned portal and a gateway for UFO’s, visited for its vortices and  high energy.

The picture above was taken early February of this year on a very clear and bright day, from the ruins of the Templar castle at Le Bezu. A beautiful spot high in the foothills of the Pyrenees in the Aude department.

It looks like the rocks in the foreground, I call them lovingly “dragon teeth”, are guiding the way towards this mountain that is popping up unexpectedly in the landscape every time you drive through this beautiful department.

When climbing this mountain (yes it is do-able, at least I did it and if I can, you can too!) you will feel the enormous energy that is surrounding it and emanating from it. At times it is quite unsettling but I guess it also has to do with your own energy and the balancing of the two.

Once on top of this Mount there is a full 360 degrees view on the surrounding area as far as 40 miles on clear days. But, as with all phenomena of this magnitude, you have to remain alert, because the weather can change, all of a sudden ….

Do you feel attracted .. join us on our trip in this area and we will introduce you …… see this webpage


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