Art of Nature

By: houseoftherose

Jun 17 2011

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Category: art, flowers, nature, south of france

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Focal Length:5.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

by rose marie

June 17, 2011

Nature never stops to amaze you! The glory of it’s unfolding is beyond our capacity to understand.

At the same time we are fully aware of the impermanence of this and yet, we accept this gracefully without any restriction.

Why then do we find it so hard to accept the impermanence of  other things, especially the ones that concern ourselves: our possessions, our ego, our circumstances etc.

It is always the view of this magical, albeit short-lived, expression of life that reminds me that beauty is a constant factor in nature. But nature does not restrict itself to just one of it’s expressions. Everything in nature is a piece of beauty while at the same time impermanent as well, although one expressions seems to last a shorter time then the next.

We can learn from that in the sense that not getting attached and being limited to the beauty of what we see/have/hear/feel/want, but to constantly be open and remain alert for all the other beauty that is coming our way, wether that is short lived or lasting for a long period …..

Beauty is just around every corner waiting to surprise you …. and is that not a beautiful perception ….!

For your own personal adventure with the beauty of nature check this link.


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