Written in stone

By: houseoftherose

Jun 14 2011

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Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

by: rose marie
June 14, 2011

Nature is teaching us many lessons at this time, by roaringly calling for our attention.

Our culture is crumbling down, and not little by little ….  This is all written in stone as the above image shows. The impermanence of everything man-made is obvious. But the impact of man on nature might have a long lasting effect.
Personally I am experiencing this “holding the breath” atmosphere of something that is already unfolding but of which you have not as yet a clue what the result will be.

Expectation is not the right word to use, I guess, it is more anticipation.

We all know and are aware that something major is happening and it is already in process.

Since we do not have the complete scope of the happening we do not have an idea on the impact.
I hear talking of our sun which is rising and setting differently than before, which has, I reckon, less to do with the sun but more with the calibration/recession of the earth.
What is noticeable though is a higher level of acceptance of what is (and thereby of what is not) then before. And never before have we been in such turmoil, on a universal scale…. sit back and relax… nothing else works….


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