By: houseoftherose

May 19 2011

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Category: alchemy, art, celebration, emergence and life, nature, pyrenees

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Focal Length:16.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

river stones

by rose marie

May 19, 2011

Like these pebbles that have been left after the river has temporarily withdrawn the flow from them, we are at times finding ourselves left to dry too.

While the flow of the river makes the pebbles tumble and turn, so does the flow of life with us. And then we are grateful for the short times that we are left to dry and find the opportunity to see where we have stranded and to take stock of  what has been accomplished or left to do.

These particularly colorful stones have come to rest together and are being cradled by the regularly grey colored river stones. They have their marks and ‘bruises” but are still outstanding in their environment. Little treasures like these are so abundant in nature and if you develop an eye for this you do not stop to wonder about all that is being offered free of charge. No wonder Leonardo da Vinci spent so much time observing nature and consequently has been able to make art work with such an intensity and perfectionism.

Da Vinci has seen and observed the golden mean all around him, which is the ultimate measure for sustainable life. Nothing man-made like a “meter” or a “kilo” but the balance that keeps everything together while at the same time providing opportunities to generate new life …. what a genius he was.


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