By: houseoftherose

May 18 2011

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Category: art, celebration, emergence, flowers, nature, pyrenees

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Shutter:1/0 sec

Fleurs de France

by rose marie

May 18, 2011

Today’s beautiful image, taken last Sunday in the countryside in the South of France, stands for the enormous richness of the natural environment of this area, where we live and offer our workshops and tours.

Taking a workshop on enhancing creativity last Sunday, we were asked to find ways to see the details in greater perspectives. Nature in this area can be so overwhelming at times, that you loose the details, which are just as overwhelming but in their own right of smallness. So it was a very good experience of getting out of the big picture and looking at the small things to discover that within the small things you observe the same greatness.

Indicative for the fractality of our universe, we find the same at every level in nature, and we are rediscovering the need for the same in our daily lives and in the way we are re-building our communities.

Returning to the organic way of living where each and everyone plays their own important role is a requirement to get through the next phase of these iron age times to be able to return to the golden age.

Recognizing phenomena as these make you humble and instill in you the sense and the need to become fractal yourself so that you can adjust and adept to whatever is coming your way.


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